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Diversity on Mauritius

Mauritius is an extremely diverse island, in terms of both its human inhabitants and its natural features. The community, harbouring an extraordinarily varied Mauritian culture, is particularly diverse. As a result of this, there is no official religion on the island, but...
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The mako shark

A fast swimmer, impressively large, this predator is less famous than its cousins, but is fascinating all the same. The king of speed: Swimming at a depth of 740 metres, it can be distinguished from other species of shark by its large gills. But aside from its physical qualities,...
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Cleaning the oceans

Over the past fifty years, the high level of consumption in our society has caused an ever-increasing quantity of waste to fill the oceans. This pollution is now reaching a critical level, the accumulation of debris in the North Pacific being the most obvious, but sadly not the...
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Seawater is the name given to the salty water found in seas and oceans all over the earth’s surface. The saltiness of this water is due to the presence of salts and dissolved substances containin the following ions: halides (chloride ions) alkalis (sodium ions) In one kilo of...
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Today, there is an urgent need to protect numerous aquatic species, such as dolphins and whales. Sawfish too require this protection. Overfishing and the destruction of the swordfish’s habitat have caused the future of this fish to be a source of worry for the IUCN (International...
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The whale shark

Known as “the biggest fish in the world”, with adults being able to reach up to 13 metres in length, the whale shark is nonetheless completely harmless. The whale shark lives in temperate and hot waters in the heart of the tropical seas. Despite having the ability to swim in very...
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The Indian Ocean

Also called the Indian Sea, the Indian Ocean is bordered by Africa, Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, Australia, and Antarctica, and has a surface area of 75,000,000 km2. With a volume of 292 million km3 and a depth ranging from an average of 4200 metres to a maximum of 7450 metres,...
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The frilled shark

The frilled shark, also called lizard shark or scaffold shark, is a species of shark in the Chlamydoselachidae family. Often compared to a sea monster, this shark broadly resembles an eel. Male frilled sharks reach a maximum of 1.7 metres in length, and females 2 metres. Th...
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The blue whale

The blue whale is a marine mammal, a member of the rorqual group of baleen whales. It’s the largest animal in the world, weighing up to 170 tons and measuring up to 30 metres in length! There are three different species of blue whale: the musculus, which lives in the north...
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